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Police: Dubuque man pulls gun on coworkers while allegedly drunk

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A Dubuque man allegedly came into work drunk, and pulled a gun on his coworkers when asked to leave, court documents show.

33-year-old Jeremy Hempstead was arrested Monday night and faces five charges, including two counts of assault while displaying a dangerous weapon.

According to court documents, his coworkers told police he came into work at the Kwik Stop on Twin Valley Road already intoxicated, and continued to drink while at work.

They say he was running into things and was unable to count the money in the cash register.

Hempstead refused to leave work when one of his coworkers told him too, so she called an assistant manager, who came to the store and asked Hempstead to leave, according to court documents.

Instead of leaving, court documents show that Hempstead pulled a loaded gun and aimed at it at the two of them.

Police say the manager was armed himself, and drew his own weapon in response, while the cashier called police.

"He carries frequently, is my understanding. He'd been armed throughout the day, and it's not as if he grabbed his gun and went up there looking for a fight. Again, he was carrying legally and acted legally in our opinion," said Lt. Scott Baxter with the Dubuque Police.

Court documents say that the two eventually left the store after a tense standoff, and Hempstead followed shortly after, his weapon no longer displayed.

Hempstead allegedly refused to listen to police instructions when he left the store, causing officers to take him down, court documents show.

One officer was injured in the struggle.

"I think we came about as close as we could to a deadly force situation without actually having to engage with our firearms. The ending, was  of course, preferable, and hopefully this individual will get some help and realize what he did wrong here and the potential that nearly cost him his live, basically," Baxter said.

Hempstead's bail was set at $15,000 during his initial court appearance.

He also faces charges of carrying weapons, interference with official acts causing injury and public intoxication.

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