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INIC Program at Covenant helping preemies

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Home for the New Year.

Nearly 150 to 200 babies are admitted to the NICU at Covenant Medical Center in Waterloo every year. Thanks to a new program that launched last February, premature babies are benefiting from their parent's touch.

It's called the INIC program for preemies and it's one of the first in the state, among just a few in the nation. The program puts everything into the mother's room, keeping mom and baby together in one place.

The Maas family is calling it a lifesaver. Their baby Oliver was born 5 weeks early, the day after Christmas, but today he is finally going home.

Mom Suzanne Maas says, "When he was born it was just really scary, but the skin to skin contact was helped me know he was okay."

All with the power of one touch. 

Dad Michael Maas says, "His breathing would be all over the place and then we would just hang on to him, cuddle him and his numbers would go down and he would be a lot better, much happier."

After one week in the INIC program, baby Oliver is healthy and going home.

Suzanne says, "He gets better everyday. He doesn't need any of the stuff he needed when we first got here, so we are all ready to go home...we just can't wait."

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