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Gas prices rise for New Year

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The New Year brings a pricier look at the gas pump. Analysts say drivers can expect to spend anywhere from $0.25 to $0.50 more at the pump than they did in 2016.

Despite the increase in travel throughout the holiday season because of low gas prices, drivers will now see a rise. The rapid rise is all about OPEC's decision to cut output, which means a jump in the price of crude oil.

For drivers in Iowa, that rise in price comes as a surprise. 

"It's getting rough," said driver Timmiris Montgomery. 

"That's ridiculous," said driver Thorsha Gary. "I'm catching the city bus, that's what I think I'm going to do. Take public transportation to certain places, because that's too high."

Shell gas station owner Jim Lind is feeling the affect. 

"Darn it, darn it, but what goes down must go up and what goes up will go down," said Lind. says the average price for a gallon of gas nationally is $2.34, and that's about 35 cents more than a year ago.

"$10 don't get you nowhere nowadays, so you can imagine if gas is almost three and some change it's going to be ridiculous," said Gary. 

"Whether it the OPEC issue or new President or new Congress or the New Year and that's why I say there's a lot of motions involved."

Some drivers are looking for a way to pick up the tab elsewhere. 

"They need to lower the prices and keep them steady," said Montgomery. "We don't need 50 cents, or they need to give us 50 cents more an hour."
According to, prices are up $0.48 in Iowa from last years average of $1.87. 

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