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Victim's family describes shooting

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Two hours into 2017 shots were fired in Waterloo. Bullets hit a home, a business and a car.

It all happened in the 700 block of Logan Ave after 2:15 a.m.

Two young girls were sitting in the car when bullets came through the windows. One victim's mother says the bullet was inches from her daughter's head.

"I got a call from Maddy between 2:15 a.m. and 2:30 a.m., saying the car she was in got shot up and there were bullets everywhere and they were taking her to the hospital," Kalie James, victim's mother.

Madelynn Larson and her friend were parked at Greer's Funeral Home on Logan Ave.

"They were just driving and they decided to park outside a bar and just watch everybody come and go and they got caught in the crossfire," said James.

Also caught in the crossfire, a home and the funeral home.

People and businesses near by say they didn't hear or see anything, but the woman who lives in the home that was hit says everyone is okay, but she is embarrassed that that her home was hit by gunfire.

Madelynn's mother says she was worried when she got the call.

"In that moment I just wanted to know she was okay," said James.

James described what her 17-year-old daughter went through.

"Two bullets went through the front windshield and then went through her head seat and lodged in the back seat," said James. "Another window broke out and another one got lodged in the hood of the car, from what I understand."

James says one bullet was inches from Madelynn's head.

"Yeah it was two inches from her head," said James. "She said that it was so loud that she had ringing in her ears all the way up until we left the hospital."

The bullets broke glass. James says the shards cut Madelynn's body.

"Everywhere from her neck all the way down, her hands, her arms, her chest, her stomach, her back and her legs," said James.

Madelynn is home Sunday night, but in some pain.

James says 15 years ago today Maddy's father was shot. She says she is thankful she didn't lose her daughter to the same thing.

The case is still active and under investigation. 

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