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Robocall alerts Iowans about sanctuary city discussion

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You might be one of the many Iowans who received a robocall about Iowa City becoming a safe place for undocumented immigrants, also known as a sanctuary city.

During the upcoming Jan. 3 city council meeting work session, council member will discuss the possibility of becoming a sanctuary city.

It's important to note, this is only a discussion, and city council members will not make any sort of official decision Tuesday night.

However, due to a recent robocall, there's been some confusion.

In the last couple days several Iowans in and around Iowa City received a call from Priorities for Iowa, Inc.

The call is nearly one minute long, and it urges people to talk to Iowa City council members about the sanctuary city discussion.

Iowa City Mayor, Jim Throgmorton, said several community members support the idea.

"We've gotten a substantial number of recommendations from people (e-mails, phone calls, that kind of thing) urging us to designate Iowa City as a sanctuary city," Mayor Throgmorton said.

However, some people do not support it, while many other people weren't even aware of Tuesday's discussion.

According to a Priorities for Iowa, Inc. representative, the call was sent to bring awareness on every side of the issue.

According to the call, "Iowa City Council members plan to explore ways to better protect illegal immigrants through city policy."

While city council members will discuss the idea, Mayor Throgmorton reminds people, it's only a discussion.

"So, we're going to exercise good governance on the 3rd by discussing the topic. There's no vote involved," Mayor Throgmorton said.

City clerks say they've been inundated with phone calls from people concerned Iowa City could become a sanctuary city.

At last check, there were nearly 100 phone calls and counting coming into City Hall.

"We are accountable to the people of Iowa City, but over the past day we've gotten lots of phone calls and lots of e-mails in the like for people who do not live in Iowa City," the mayor said.

We asked how many calls were sent, and Priorities for Iowa, Inc. decided not to disclose that information.

We also asked how Priorities for Iowa, Inc. targeted people, and a representative said they targeted individuals who they felt needed to have their voices heard, one way or another.

According to the Iowa City mayor, there will be no public comment during the Jan. 3 work session.

City council members will discuss the idea, and they will decide whether to review the issue further.

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