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Road to renovation after floods of 2016

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Three months have passed since the historic floods of 2016, but many in eastern Iowa are still recovering. The Hacketts, who have experienced two floods, are staying resilient and staying right where they are: Along the Cedar River. 

For Katy Hackett, the road to renovation has been a roller coaster. 

"Most days are great, most days I wake up and I'm like yes, we're one step closer to going home," said Hackett. "We're one step closer. And occasionally, very occasionally, I'll have those days where I just want to be home right now."

Hackett and her family have now lived through two floods after they lived on San Souci during the floods of 2008. This is their second battle with flood clean-up.

"We've gutted the place," said Hackett. "Basically we've taken out all the carpet, tile...we've cut a lot of the drywall out. New insulation, new doors, new windows."

Three months ago, the Hackett home looked like a muddy messy. Since then, they've made a lot of headway. 

"You know I thought I knew everything there was about flooding, but it seems like with every flood I learn something new," said Hackett. 

This time, Hackett says she's learned patience. 

"As my dad and I we're going through it, I'm like wait a minute this is a false floor, we have to rip this whole thing out," said Hackett. "The porch, this is a floor that's built up, so we ripped it up, and there was mud and water and everything underneath."

The Cedar River has since receded, but water marks showing how high the water was are still visible on her home. 

Hackett credits her support system for pushing her along these past few months. 

"My dad has been the one that's been by my side," said Hackett. "Like he has been my major motivator. He's just an amazing man. Even when I'm down he's pushing me to get this done and get home."

The Hacketts say the next step in the process is drywall and picking out paint colors. They hope to have all the renovations completed by March, just in time to get back out on the river. 

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