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Cedar Falls basketball player still going strong at 80-years-young

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Age is just a number for one local man who is in better shape than a lot of people half his age.  At 80-years-young, Floyd Winter, of Cedar Falls, is still going strong.

"I kept saying if I could play one more year, that'd be great, and then I started saying, if I could play one more decade, that'd really be great," said Winter.

Floyd plays every Monday through Friday in the NBA, but not the one you're familiar with.  He plays in the Noon Basketball Association, a program on the University of Northern Iowa campus, open to staff, students and community members.

Some of them have played together for decades, like Craig Knepp, who's played ball with Floyd for 50 years.

"Floyd is an original, said Knepp."  "He knows everybody, it seems like, in the state of Iowa." 

Floyd used to work in the Cedar Falls School District, but now he's taking his opponents to school on the hardwood.  Still, he remains humble despite his catchy nickname.

"They refer to me as the silver streak, mainly because, I never was fast, but I'm really slow now," said Winter.

Floyd started playing in the 1940's, then moving onto high school and college ball at Luther College.  His favorite team growing up was the Minneapolis Lakers, led by Floyd's idol, George Mikan.

He's not quite the player he once was, but is still feared out on the court.

"I wouldn't go out and shoot open on an open court and play horse with him for money, because he would beat me," said Denny Mills.  "He shoots a little better on the open court than I do."

And it's no coincidence, the street Floyd lives on.

"I said it's so nice that you have this villa for me with a sign out my front door -- Shooting Star Way," said Winter.

Still, he shows no signs of slowing down.

"They just stopped and said, I couldn't believe that you were 80, and I said I don't feel a day over 90," said Winter.

And Knepp says he thinks Floyd might just make it to 90.

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