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'Star Wars' fans react to death of Carrie Fisher

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Fans all over the world reacting to the death of Carrie Fisher, the actress most famous for playing Princess Leia in the original 'Star Wars.'

This news, not something fans were prepared for. "Carrie Fisher. I think everyone expected her to appear in one, two, however many more of the Star Wars sequels that would be coming out as long as she wanted to be part of them," said Steven  Stierman.

Her role as Princess Leia -- a powerful one.

That's what the owner of Comic World & Games in Dubuque, says was her appeal. That strong female presence. "Even though she started out as being the damsel in distress, the whole point of the movie, at least the first half was they had to rescue the princess, however they get there and she's the one calling the shots," Stierman said.

Getting rid of the the bad guys and being a role model to women at the same time. "I have three older sisters, and we would play Star Wars. I could pick Luke, Han, C-3P0, whoever, the dog was always Chewbacca...my sisters only really had Leia," he added.

Fisher's death a sad reality for her fans, but she'll live on through her iconic role.

She had just wrapped up filming Star Wars episode eight.

It's due in theaters sometime next year. 

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