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Woman calls for something to be done about intersection where husband was killed

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Many people have been sent to the hospital over the years after accidents happening at the intersection of Highway 151 and Springville Road in Linn County.

Amy Bartels says she is constantly worried about her son and friends who drive through the intersection on a day to day basis, telling us her husband drove it each day to work and one time he didn't come back. 

"On February 4th 2009, my husband got up, and kissed me goodbye and went to work and never came home," Bartels says. 

Roger Bartels would take Highway 151 from Monticello to Cedar Rapids. 
 A memorial for Roger sits by the road and flashing lights were put up in 2012 as another reminder of the potential danger of cross traffic. 

 "They put in lots of lights, they put in lights and signals and everything telling everybody how dangerous it is here but all those people went to the hospital because they got into an accident here and that's now it's not in the past, it's still going on."

Between 2009 and 2013 there were 21 crashes at the intersection and more have happened in the years since, despite the lights. 

The Iowa Department of Transportation says there was once talk of an interchange but locals thought it would negatively impact the gateway into Springville. 

The DOT says they still believe an interchange would help minimize the number of t-bone accidents that happen at the intersection.  
Bartels tells us she still worries about her son who drives through the intersection each day on his way to work. 

"Every time there is an accident here, my son is on the phone right away saying mom it's not me. It's not me. I just saw more blinking lights and ambulances and it's not me this time," she says. 

Bartles says she has not updated the flowers on her husbands memorial because she wants people to see it and realize how much time has gone by and how much change she feels there still needs to be. 

Three people were taken to the hospital on Thursday following another accident at the intersection. 


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