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Dreary Christmas Day in Eastern Iowa

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It's been a dreary Christmas across eastern Iowa this weekend. Freezing rain and high winds took over the holiday.

It's not the white Christmas we all hoped for. Wet and soggy snow is still lingering across the Cedar Valley.

Many Iowans may be traveling Sunday night. 

"It's been fairly quiet,thankfully no accidents or anything so far," said David Wonders, Iowa State Patrol. "The temperature stayed warm enough that the roads haven't been freezing."

Roads aren't freezing, but they are visibly wet from some afternoon rain. Sunday night, that could change.

"Ice takes more people by surprise compared to snow," said Trooper Wonders. "The roads may look okay, but they still drive the same speed and they don't realize how icy it can get."

Iowa State Patrol reminds drivers to take it slow and pay attention.

"Just be prepared, it can turn icy quick and when you leave your house to go ten minutes down the road it could be one hundred percent ice, so be aware of where you're going and leave some extra time, drive slow and be safe," said Trooper Wonders.

Troopers are making sure all Iowans are safe on the roads.

Picking up one boy in Cedar Falls who was walking to a friends house Sunday.

Trooper Wonders put him in the back of the patrol car and took him to his friend's house, asking him what he got for Christmas.

 "I got a little robot that walks around," said Jayden.

Picking him up so he didn't have to walk in the rain.

"Yeah I am just going over there for about an hour," said Jayden.

Making sure he and other travelers arrived safely.

Trooper Wonders says during colder weather, like Sunday, they see many broken down vehicles or cars in ditches. So far there is nothing major to report.

Iowa State Troopers remind drivers to always keep a full tank of gas and a fully charged cellphone battery when driving in chilly weather.

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