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Witness remembers Berlin market attack

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A Berlin woman visiting Iowa says she witnessed the attack on the Berlin market.

Hundreds of people were in the square when a truck rammed through a market.

"It was all really quick, like ten seconds," said Yana Zheliznyk, Berlin. "People were talking, having fun and buying food, then I just started to hear the screaming, people were running away and then the truck was just coming and coming, that's how it happened, in ten seconds."

Zheliznyk lives and works in Berlin, Germany and says she witnessed the tragic event. Moments after the truck hit Zheliznyk says she couldn't move. She was frozen from fear.

"I was in shock and I just stayed in the same place, someone hugged me on the side, but I don't know who it was," said Zheliznyk.

She says she made herself run away in fear the truck would blow up. The market she once visited frequently was destroyed.

"Well there was a guy and he was dead and everything was on the ground and everything was in the blood," said Zheliznyk. "The other people, they were under the truck on the other side, that's what we saw."

More than 40 people were injured and a dozen killed.

"My first thought was this is the attack and after the police said the same," said Zheliznyk. "We were kind of expecting this because we had too many immigrants in Berlin and you never know what can happen."

An Iowa family who hosted Zheliznyk years ago for an exchange student program was worried for her safety that night.

When the Poch family heard of the attack in Berlin they automatically thought of Zheliznyk, praying that she was safe, knowing that she would be in Iowa just two days later.

Celebrating the holidays in Riverside Saturday, she says won't return to the market when she is back in Berlin.

"Somehow you don't want to go back," said Zheliznyk.

Zheliznyk says the people of Berlin are scared ad concerned it could all happen again.

A New Year's concert is scheduled. Zheliznyk says several people already gave away their tickets, because they want to stay home

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