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Dog dies in pitbull attack

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A couple is grieving after losing their small dog right before the holidays in a pit bull attack. The couple isn't blaming the breed, but they have a message for the owner, saying "be responsible for your dog."

The attack happened while Mike Beckner was walking his dog Saddie near Kern street in Waterloo.

Beckners' wife, Karen, says the two were inseparable. 

"He never went anywhere without her," said Karen Beckner. "They would go for car rides, she loved to go for car rides. She loves to walk. They walked every single day."

Just like every other day, Beckner took Saddie for a walk. However, on December 9, their walk took a different turn. While he was walking Saddie, two pitbulls attacked, knocking Beckner to the ground, and grabbing Saddie.

Waterloo Police confirm two pitbulls attacked Beckner and his dog.

"I got a phone call and he was panicked, he said, two pitbulls had attacked him, and they got Saddie," said Karen Beckner. 

The Beckners said they quickly rushed Saddie over to the vet. 

"They thought she was going to make it but her little heart was she didn't make it through the night," said Karen Beckner. 

Saddie had been their world for nearly four and half a years. 

Beckner says he never provoked the pitbulls, and was just simply walking by with Saddie. 

"I've come to learn that you know that breed-it's on how they're brought up and treated," said Beckner. "I'm sort of mad at the owner, that they weren't more responsible."

Mike Beckner is still recovering from his injuries after the fall.

The Beckners are still grieving, missing a big piece of their joy this Christmas. 

"I just think they should be responsible, anybody who has a dog should be responsible," said Beckner. "If they would have those dogs even chained behind a chain link fence. It just seems senseless that this had to happen."

The Beckners say they've tried to get in contact with the owner of the pitbulls. Waterloo Police and animal control are involved, but the Beckners have not heard back.

Animal control is handling the case. 

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