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Iowa joins national majority, casting electoral votes for Trump

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Monday, at the Iowa State Capitol and at capitols across the nation, electoral voters cast their votes, solidifying the 270 electoral votes needed to officially elect Donald Trump as the next President of the United States.

Five men and one woman held the responsibility and the honor of casting the votes for Iowa.

With a very controversial election, many hoped to see electoral votes that opposed the popular vote, but that did not happen in Iowa.

"When I campaigned to be elector, I vowed to support the candidate that the people chose," said Elector Polly Granzow from Eldora.

The six Iowans quickly cast their votes, Monday.

Among the electoral voters, Waterloo resident Jim Whitmer. KWWL spoke to Whitmer back in October before the election. Whitmer's excitement then only growing as he cast his vote Monday. 

"I was looking forward to it because this is an honorable thing. Only 538 people out of 300 million get to do this and I get to do it. It is something I am going to remember forever," said Whitmer.

Within minutes of casting the votes, a public tally was taken.

All six votes going to the President-Elect Donald Trump, something not everyone in the room was happy about.

"It is just bringing that shock to the surface. I am really frightened by what is happening to this country," said Paula Egan from Des Moines.

Egan says she didn't expect to change the vote, but believes in showing up.

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