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All 6 Iowa elector votes go to Trump, Pence

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(AP) -

The Iowa electors took their seats at the capitol Monday afternoon to cast their official elector vote for the U.S. President. 

All six votes went to Donald Trump and Mike Pence for the President and Vice President of the United States. 


Six Iowa residents will take part in the Electoral College vote as the nation elects the next president and vice president.

The half-dozen people will cast ballots Monday afternoon at the state Capitol. The process is expected to take about a half hour.

The Electoral College system was devised more than two centuries ago. While people around the country individually vote for the presidential ticket, the winners are technically selected by a "college" of 538 electors from the states. The general premise is to ensure one state doesn't have outsized influence in the election.

Some of the electors say they've been lobbied to change their expected votes for Donald Trump, who won easily in Iowa. The Iowa electors told The Associated Press they intend to vote for Trump.

You can watch it live here:

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