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Extremely cold temperatures could cause pipes to freeze

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The water in your pipes can freeze right around 15 degrees.

The drastically cold temperatures that we are having this weekend can freeze the water in your home's pipes. This can cause an expensive mess if they burst.

"Cleaning people may come in and they aren't real cheap, just like we probably wouldn't be or any other plumbing company wouldn't be at two o'clock in the morning," said Gary Reid, Plumber.

If your pipes are frozen, plumbers use a heater or a heat gun. For the plumbers to defrost your pipes with these tools it will run you between $300-$1,000.

A way to prevent all of this, a drip in your faucet.

Reid says frozen pipes can happen anywhere, but the most calls he gets are from mobile homes.

"When it gets extremely cold, especially in mobile homes, have a drip in the faucets in your house," said Reid. "Just have it drip very slowly to have that 55 or 60 degree water going through the line, that really, really helps too."

The drip, could save you money and save your pipes.

"People say you're not supposed to because it uses too much water, but I'd rather use too much water than have my pipes freeze," said Reid.

Reid says the plumbing company he works for has had four or five calls about frozen pipes so far this year.

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