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Mourning the loss of former Cedar Rapids Kernel Yorman Landa

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A family, a team and a community are mourning the loss of a 22-year old baseball player.

That player, Yorman Landa formally played for the Cedar Rapids Kernels. He was killed over the weekend in a car accident in Venezuela.

Yorman Landa was a pitcher for the Minnesota Twins.

He spent this past summer in Fort Myers, but before that he played for the Cedar Rapids Kernels.

After his sudden death people close to the ball team and Yorman are hurting.     

Yorman Landa touched triple digits with his fast ball. He also touched many hearts, including Abby Pumroy's.

"Yorman would at least be fun, caring and adorable," said Pumroy. "Like I said he was the cuddly type, a big cuddly guy."

An autographed baseball and Landa's rookie card sit in the Pumroy's home.

"A lot of the guys called me Momma Abby, so I was kind of like his mom here," said Pumroy.

Yorman called the Pumroy's house home during the summer he played for the Cedar Rapids Kernels. It's in their home Abby and Tom Pumroy say they grew close to Landa, thinking of him as their son.

"I guess I feel like he was a son, my son," said Pumroy. "I call them my summer sons because I feel that's what they are."

Landa's family, teammates and coaches are hurting after his sudden death.

"One thing that I'll always remember is that he always seemed to be smiling," said Jake Mauer, Cedar Rapids Kernels Manager. "He always had a smile on his face and I think he just took his job and enjoyed every aspect of it."

His host mom, sends her love to Landa's family in Venezuela. She called Landa's father Thursday.

"I wanted him to know that it wasn't just me, it was all of us, the host families and all the people in Cedar Rapids who had seen him pitch and who know his promise," said Pumroy. "We feel badly for him, as well as for his father. I just can't imagine losing a child at that age and then being the one that was driving the car."

Coach Mauer says that Landa had a promising future.

He says the Minnesota Twins would have most likely given him a shot to play in the majors.

Mauer says when the team starts spring training this year they will have someone very important missing.

Reports say it was raining during the crash that killed Landa. His father, who was driving, hit a tree. Landa was the only one killed. 

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