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Arctic temps have people rushing to finish errands

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Arctic temps bringing with it the whipping wind, the crunch of snow, and people dashing from their cars to stores.

"It is cold out here so I am trying to hurry up," said David Armstad, as he checks the pressure in his tires.

People airing-up their tires and filling up; the gas station is busy as people prepare for temps to drop even further.

"I am trying to hurry up, get my groceries, and get everything done because I don't want to be out here," said Armstad.

 However for some, they don't have a choice but to spend hours in the freezing elements, like the postal workers working overtime to deliver packages.

"You just got to have a tough mindset. You've got to keep telling yourself to keep going otherwise it will just stop you right in your tracks," said U.S. Postal worker Zach Lyons.

 A tough mind set and heavy layers that is.

"Pretty much have to head to toe yourself; cover everything up otherwise it stings. It is bad," said Lyons.

 With Christmas only days away, many are rushing to check off their lists before the snow storm hits.

"That way I've got all my Christmas presents. I can wrap this weekend; stay at home and stay warm," said Lavetta Wampler as she finished her shopping at Target.

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