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Kid Trump from Waverly reacts to Trump's Win

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KWWL checked in with "Kid Trump," a big Trump fan from right here in Eastern Iowa.

 "I believe Mr. Trump's leadership and vision will provide hope and progress for my generation," said Waverly resident Kid Trump during a speech he gave at a Trump event in Des Moines back in 2015.

He was highlighted in the national media for his die-hard support of Trump in the early stages of Trump's run to be the Republican Candidate.

KWWL's Jessica Hartman caught up with Kid Trump Tuesday at his wrestling practice.

Take down after take down, Kid Trump Shay Doyle seems like a normal 12-year-old boy.

"Wrestling. I love the mentality of it. The willpower; you need a lot of it to wrestle. So it's a big one for me," said Doyle.

 And you need a lot of it to become the President of the United States.

"Definitely," agreed Doyle.

Just as he faces down his opponents on the mat, Doyle became Kid Trump by facing down the naysayers and doubters.

"I was the one that called it. Out of the 16, plus the three Democrats, I chose him. So that was a big one for me. Of course, I took a lot of flack for it," said Doyle.

On a CNN interview back in 2015 having recently met Trump, Doyle said, "It was amazing. He just gave me advice and there is absolutely no feeling like it in the world."

Fast forward to Trump's "Thank You Tour 2016" in Des Moines last week where Doyle and his family sat in the VIP section.

"I got to see him there. That was incredible. To see him as the President of the United States. . . It was a lot bigger. I finally felt part of something bigger than myself," said Doyle.

Shay Doyle, Kid Trump plans on following in Trump's footsteps becoming an investment banker before getting involved in politics himself.


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