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2 million and counting

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Another milestone for John Deere and company.

A tractor coming off the assembly line Monday houses the two millionth engine built at the John Deere Engine Works.

The two millionth engine starting was a memorable sound.

It's something John Deere employees were proud to make, and the buyer was proud to take home.

Some calling it, a once in a life time experience

"This one here is unique, being that it has the two millionth engine," said Jerald Sanders, AgriNorthwest Manager. "We will probably be keeping this for a while, so that's kind of neat."

Sanders manages a farm corporation in Washington. The Gold Key Program at John Deere allowed Sanders to watch his tractor be built.

"It's always fun to see something built from the ground up," said Sanders. "There's not many opportunities anybody gets to see this and do this."

Sanders says the whole assembly process is amazing, but it's the two millionth engine that makes it special.

"When it comes down to it, it's all about that engine and that drive train," said Sanders. "I think that's definitely the special part of the tractor."

In fact, there are about 30 thousand parts to a John Deere tractor. Including, parts for the cab, hood and tires, all put together on the assembly line.

"I see that in the way that these tractors are built, they take all the necessary steps in making sure and insuring that things are put together properly and they are done right," said Sanders. "That's what we like, we like to be able to run that tractor as soon as it's delivered to us and not have any kind of hiccups or problems with it."

John Deere celebrates another huge milestone in just a couple of years, with its 100th anniversary in 2018. 

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