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Iowa DOT channels its inner "Christmas Vacation"

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This week's "Message Monday" from the Iowa DOT is inspired from a famous "Christmas Vacation" quote from Cousin Eddie, urging drivers to put down their phones at the wheel.

Drivers will see the message "Eddie says don't tweet and drive the twitter's full," from the famous scene where Eddie is emptying his septic tank.

Despite it's humor, the message carries a strong message by then flashing to the number of traffic deaths. As of December 12th, 372 people have died on Iowa highways, a drastic increase from the 320 deaths in 2015. 

The DOT wrote this on their website post about the new message.

"Ok… so Twitter’s not really full, but this made up reason to get you to put your phone down is not any sillier than many of the reasons people use to keep their phone in their hands while driving," it said.

Every week, the DOT uses a new message starting on Mondays to encourage safe driving.

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