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Asbury uses grant money to install surveillance cameras

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The City of Asbury is taking a page out of Dubuque's playbook--install cameras to cover the city.

They used a $5,000 grant from the Dubuque Racing Association to get their system up and running.

"Basically, it started with Dubuque's traffic cameras that they have, and they've had great success with those, so we decided to play off of that," said Asbury Police Chief Tom Henneberry.

Dubuque boasts nearly 1,000 cameras that Lt. Scott Baxter says are consulted for all major crimes and most crashes.

Most notably, those cameras helped police catch Helmon Betwell, the man who allegedly raped and killed Nancy Krapfl.

In Asbury, those cameras currently guard the public works department, where people often steal from their salt pile.

They also cover the city's newest park, Cloie Creek Park.

Henneberry says they hope to add five cameras every year until they have 20 or so in place.

He says the next priority will be to have cameras cover some of the major intersections in Asbury.

"And just give an overview of what's going on with the traffic, and if there's any problems, just something that'll be recorded, so if we do have an accident, or if we have crime in the area, we're able to track a vehicle or a person through the same way Dubuque can do," he said.

He also says their cameras operate on the same software as Dubuque's, so they will be able to work in tandem if someone commits and crime in Dubuque and heads to Asbury.

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