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Last minute shoppers grab snow storm necessities

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Though snow fell for the first time last weekend, the storm we are getting this weekend is a bigger.

The storm, forcing people to go out and grab some last minute necessities.

The storm arrived Saturday morning and for most of eastern Iowa, it's been snowing ever since.

Snow has created slick roadways and walk ways are covered in a layer of white. 

People were out and about Saturday shopping hours before the storm.

"We came out to get some shovels, we broke ours last year," said Jordan Houdek, Elk Run Heights.

Shovels and salt seem to be the hot commodity for Menards shoppers.

"There were quite a few people around that aisle getting ice melt, shovels, snow blowers and extra stuff like that," said Houdek.

A lot of people coming in and out of Menards were waiting last minute to buy their supplies.

"We both work a lot and we weren't really ready for it and we weren't sure if we were going to be in town this weekend, but we are and we didn't want the snow to come," said Houdek and his girlfriend.

Many people shopping agree with the couple, saying they did not what this snow to come, but it's something they say they have to deal with.

"Since it already started it kind of seems like there might be quite a bit, but it is what it is you just gotta live with, you're in Iowa," said Houdek.

Now, they are ready, "We have all the warm clothes out and ready to go and now we've got our shovels," said Houdek.

The couple did not invest in any snow blowers like some shoppers, saying the shovels will do.

"It ain't that big of a deal, we are still young," said Houdek.

People in the area are going to have to shovel several inches of snow Sunday morning. For now roads are slick, be careful Saturday night and Sunday morning.

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