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Iowa DOT prepares for weekend snow storm

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The Iowa Department of Transportation has been watching the weather forecast closely, like many people in eastern Iowa. 

The DOT has been working hard to prepare for the double dose of snow that is coming this weekend.

Last weekend's snow was just a glimpse of what was to come. With that snow still on the ground, more is about to pile on.

The Iowa DOT was preparing Friday.

"We are going to need everybody we've got plus some," said Kip Siems, Garage Operations Assistant, Iowa DOT.

They say it's all hands on deck for this weekend's storm.

"We'll use everybody we've got this time around," said Siems, saying they have plenty of supplies, but it's people they lack.

 "We've gotten to the point where man power is getting a little short on us," said Siems.

The people they do have will be on their assigned routes. 

"Some of our outlying roads, the folks that we have on those routes, they've got a lot more miles to cover then our other crews," said Siems. "So even though they may not look as good, we've have somebody on everything we've got and we don't ignore a road at all if it can be helped."

The Iowa DOT has already per-treated bridges in the area with salt and brine. They say they are waiting until Saturday morning to start treating the other roads.

"Some of this snow falls at 20 or 21 degrees, when it starts falling, it may not stick to the roads," said Siems. "If we treat it when it comes down and we've made it melt, we might bond it to the highway and we may make it slicker by treating it."

The DOT is asking people to be patient with the plows this weekend. They are working to help make traveling safe.

KWWL checked in with The City of Cedar Falls, they say they do have a plan in place to deal with the snow throughout the city and on University Avenue.

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