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Man shot by police officer speaks out before dash cam is released

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Jerime Mitchell is speaking out before dash cam video is released this afternoon of an officer-involved shooting. 

Mitchell was shot by Cedar Rapids Police Officer Lucas Jones during a traffic stop. 

A grand jury announced Tuesday there would not be a criminal charge for Officer Jones. 

The grand jury did not hear testimony from Jerime Mitchell who is paralyzed from the shooting. 

The following is a statement from Jerime Mitchell released to KWWL this morning:

"What MR. Vander Sanden said during Tuesday's press conference & lead people to believe about me is untrue & completely different from my true character.

I would never say those things to anyone let to alone a police officer. If there was sound on the video it would tell a completely different story.

After I stepped out of my vehicle Officer Jones changed his story as to why I was being pulled over and became combative toward me. I was frightened, and decided it was in my best interest to get back in my truck.

At that point, Officer Jones got even more aggressive towards me and slammed me against the truck then, without provocation from me, he tackled me to the ground and released his dog who started attacking me.

I was scared and knew I had to get back in my vehicle to get away from the dog. Officer Jones then jumped on me and shot me while I was in my truck.

I realized I was shot and needed to get to the hospital immediately and that is when I accelerated. Immediately after, I lost control because his bullet paralyzed me.

I was unarmed. I never struck the officer, or the dog. This has changed my life forever...he shot to kill me... No one should ever be treated the way I was that night." Jerime Mitchell

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