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Closer look at Gov. Branstad's move to China Ambassador

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Iowa Governor Branstad has formally accepted President-Elect Donald Trump's nomination Wednesday, just one day after the two met in New York.

Branstad saying in part, "After long discussions with my family, I am honored and humbled to be nominated to serve as the U.S. Ambassador to China. I also accept President-Elect Trump's charge to prioritize collaborative policies that will make America great again." 

At the helm of the Hawkeye state for a combined two decades, Governor Branstad celebrated a milestone last December becoming the longest serving U.S. Governor.

Almost exactly year to the date, Branstad is now celebrating his next milestone.

"For Branstad's future, he has cemented his legacy in Iowa in terms of public policy; in terms of the politics of the party. You can look at this as the final chapter to his legacy, turning to foreign policy," said KWWL's Political Analyst Chris Larimer.

Spending the last thirty years strengthening trade between Iowa and China, Branstad's relationship with China's President Xi Jinping over that time will be key in solidifying a future between the two largest economic powers.

However, what kind of future though has not yet been made clear by the Trump administration.

"The question there is the trade deals and the trans-pacific partnership; the extent to which the United States can continue this move towards Asia in terms of increasing trade and increasing relations or is it going to be stepping back? That is what we don't know yet?" said Larimer.

As for Iowa, Branstad leaves the state in the hands of a woman who he has seemingly mentored for the role.

Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds making history as the first female Iowa Governor.

The move gives Reynolds a year and a half to prove she can get the job done before the next election.

"What we know about Iowa Governors and incumbents in general in Iowa is that voters have to feel comfortable with that elected official whoever it is. She is now going to have some time to create that comfort," said Larimer.

 At one point, experts believing the election would create a fight among the Iowa Republican Party when determining the next candidate to make a run for governor.

Reynolds time in office before the election , if successful could create a clear and easy choice for the party.

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