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Research: Parents average more than 9 hours of screen time

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It seems parents are constantly telling kids to get off their phones and turn the TV off, but new research suggests kids may need to tell their parents the same thing!

Between posting pictures on Facebook, exploring Pinterest projects, tweeting, texting, e-mailing, and binge-watching TV, parents spend an average of 9 hours and 22 minutes every day using media and technology. That's mostly entertainment screen time: not work. 

The study from Common Sense Media is based on a nationally representative survey of nearly 1,800 parents.

"This study shows that while parents spend over 9 hours a day with screen media, 78% of American parents think that they're very good media and tech role models for their kids," said James Steyer of Common Sense Media. "So there's a pretty big disconnect there." 

Outside experts say digital devices create subconscious habits.

"We may not be great at stepping back and recognizing 'oh I was on Facebook for an hour and a half today?'" said Dr. Jenny Radesky.

To reduce screen time, and increase face-to-face time, Common Sense Media suggests laying down a few household rules, like device-free dinners. No phones, no TV... just conversation over a shared meal.

Taking a close look at our selfies may help bridge the digital divide in families.

The study says just over half of surveyed parents are aware of the apps on their kids' devices. 

About 39% say they know what their child sees on social media.

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