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Janesville $5M school bond rejected

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The vote did not pass.  522 voted yes (50.1%) to 519 no (49.9%).  It needed a super majority of 60% needed to pass.


An area school is headed to the ballot to try and make more space for students. 

The community of Janesville will add their name to the list of districts trying to approve a ballot measure for school improvements.

Students are currently forced to work in hallways and other locations all around the Janesville School, due to their climbing enrollment. The school is running out of space.

To put the overpopulation in perspective, the superintendent of Janesville says the early development center was meant to hold 20 students, the school now houses 58. 

"With our increase in enrollment we are running out of space," said Todd Foelske, parent.

Fans are nearly on the the basketball court with the players during games. Many people are crammed into the only school gym. A Janesville basketball player even landed in the crowd during a game.

"A lot of the parents know there is a need for these things and I really don't think they think about how that's going to increase their taxes or they aren't as concerned about their taxes because they know the benefits are going to be far greater," said Foelske.

Parents in Janesville say signs reading, "Vote no to higher property taxes," have been popping up around town. They say the people putting up these signs most likely do not have kids in the Janesville School District.

The Janesville superintendent says property tax would go up no more than $2.70 per thousand. 

"On a $100 thousand house, it would be about $149 a year," said BJ Meaney, Janesville Superintendent.

For now students of Janesville are crammed.

"Now we are getting to the point where all the classes are getting to 30 or more kids in it, which is a lot of kids to corral in one classroom, which I don't know how the teachers can do that," said Serena Zwanziger, parent.

The new bond should alleviate that pain and make class sizes smaller and the gym larger.

People in the area say if the bond does not pass they will continue to keep trying. Saying Janesville is in need of these improvements.

Voters can cast their ballots between 12-8 p.m. Tuesday at the Janesville Community Center.

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