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First snow falls in eastern Iowa

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Early morning snow covered much of eastern Iowa Sunday, but most of it has started to melt.

Between three to four inches of snow fell in Cedar Falls and Waterloo.

With the first snow falling later than normal, the Iowa Department of Transportation says they were well prepared.

People in the Cedar Valley describe the snow as slushy, wet and heavy.

"Well I thought we were only supposed to get an inch, but this is a little bit more than an inch and it's pretty heavy," said Steve Bakker, Cedar Falls. "I don't like anything about snow."

The shovels and plows were out Sunday afternoon.

"It was a good snow to test our equipment on before we get a bigger storm," said Darren Ackerman, Iowa DOT.  "Usually quite a few hoses blow and we just have work out some of the bugs, so this was a good test for us."

Bakker says he is dreading the rest of the winter.

"I am not a winter person, I am a summer person, so I'd rather be outside and not wearing boots and all these clothes," said Bakker.

Saying he has seen many first snows and they are all different.

"The first snows are always different," said Bakker. "Sometimes you get this wet stuff, sometimes you get just a little dusting, it just depends on the temperature. This is one of the wetter ones and one of the worst to have to shovel, but at least it's not deep."

Waterloo Police are happy to confirm there were only a few minor accidents in the area, leaving nobody injured. They say even though the roads may look clear don't drive if you don't have to. 

A warning for today and the rest of winter.

"We are actually pretty late getting the snow this year I think and that's great, I don't mind that one bit, but hopefully we won't get a whole lot this winter," said Bakker.

The Iowa DOT says they pretreated the roads Friday night with salt and brine to prepare for the weekend storm. They say overall it was a successful day of keeping roads cleared.

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