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New Details: Investigation of kidnapped California mom Sherri Papini

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New details are coming out in the investigation the kidnapping of California mom Sherri Papini. 

She was found on Thanksgiving day, after being held and tortured for three weeks. 

Authorities say they still don't know why Sherri Papini was abducted by two Hispanic women, but some outside experts say there are tell-tale clues in this case that they believe, suggest a chilling motive. 

Sherri Papini endured 22 days of terror, beaten and chained, her hair chopped of, her skin branded. 

Her suspected kidnappers, two armed Hispanic women who spoke mainly in Spanish and concealed their faces, their motive, authorities say, still a mystery. 

"We still do not know if she was a special target or if this was a random abduction," says Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko. 

But NBC News spoke to multiple experts not involved in the Sheriff's investigation who believe this case has classic signs of human trafficking. 

"I thought trafficked as soon as I heard branding. That's the number one thing that we look for in a traffic victim is a brand," said Rebecca Bender, a National Expert on Human Trafficking and a former victim.

Bender theorizes the kidnappers mistook the young-looking Papini for a teen, the typical targets of traffickers, then panicked when seeing her face on the national news.

"I think when so much publicity started coming out they probably were like, we gotta get rid of this girl." said Bender. 

Experts say the area near where Panini was abducted, known as the "Emerald Triangle" is a hot-bed for drug cartels and sex rings. 

Private investigator Bill Garcia worked with Papini's family during her disappearance, and specialized in sex trafficking cases. He says her Spanish-speaking captors and the M-O used on her are signatures of Mexican cartels. 

"The chains, as opposed to zip ties or handcuffs, the brutal beating and her hair, these are all earmarks of something that I've seen happen south of the boarded," said Garcia. 

Papini's husband reveals new details about her struggle to get help after her captors released her speaking to ABC News.

"She's screamed so much, she said, she's coughing up, you know, like blood from screaming trying to get somebody to stop," said Papini. 

His decision to talk about the case, is not sitting well with law enforcement. 

"I do think some of the details he has provided, it could affect the integrity of the investigation," said Sheriff Bosenko.

The Sheriff in this case says he has no specific information suggesting that this was a case of sex trafficking. 

However, experts NBC spoke to theorize that Papini's two female kidnappers could have been former sex slaves themselves. 

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