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Iowa sees November Tornadoes

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It may not be the traditional tornado season, but as many were reminded Monday, it certainly is possible to see tornadoes in November.

An unseasonably warm and rainy November afternoon created severe weather in the area.

It started in Radcliffe in Hardin County with a tornado that knocked down trees and turned a pick up truck on its side.

"I was pretty darn scared, I think. I was home by myself, with all the kids and you know, counting heads, probably 30 times, even though I knew they were all there, but just panicking, thinking, I gotta make sure they're all down here because I think the front door might have been still been cracked open. We were just out looking at hail, I mean, its the coolest thing ever, its hail. Its frozen water from the sky," said Andrea Thompson of Radcliffe.

The hail,wind, and rain continued into Eastern Iowa. 

Parkersburg, a town all too familiar with the destruction of tornadoes, held its breath as a funnel cloud passed through town.

This time it left only hail, a shed blown off its foundation, and a few homes with roof damage.

KWWL Storm Track 7 working hard to track what some might think is unusual weather for November.

"It is less common as it gets cooler outside, but we have actually had 41 tornadoes in November in Iowa since 1980. Just last year we had a tornado outbreak on Veterans Day. We saw 19 tornadoes across the state. So it can happen if you have the right mix of things in atmosphere," said  KWWL Storm Track 7 Meteorologist Rachael Peart.

For more information on the severe weather in Eastern Iowa on November 28, 2016:

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