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Dubuque landlords create petition opposing housing vouchers

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A quick search for apartments in the classifieds, either in the newspaper or online, you'll notice some restrictions -- no housing, no section 8. 

The city of Dubuque considering making this illegal by adding source of income protections to its non-discrimination ordinance. That's because some voucher holders are having a difficult time finding an affordable place to rent. 

The ordinance would mean people like Jerry Maro, who has been a landlord in the area for 40 years, would have no choice but to accept housing vouchers, or other sources of income such as child support, and social security. "The biggest concern is being forced to sign an agreement with the federal government under their terms, and not ours," said Maro.

Right now, the waiting list for Dubuque's voucher program is closed, and has been since April 2015. However, those against the program say there's no need to have an ordinance that'll put more people on vouchers. 

The Dubuque Area Landlords Association even creating a petition opposing the idea. So far, nearly 400 people have signed it. "It's not about the people that are on the voucher program, it's about the program itself and the things we would have to change to be part of the program," said Maro, who represents the association.

The city of Dubuque has been looking into this matter for the past two years. Monday night, the city council holding a special work session, so they can discuss it further. No vote will take place. That might happen in December.

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