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Cedar Rapids couple witness early morning crash, calling it "horrific"

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Two people are dead Saturday night and two Cedar Rapids Police Officers are hurt after an early morning crash.

Police lights were flashing near an exit on I-380 in Cedar Rapids during a two car crash, where two people died.

A couple driving by saw the entire thing.

"She was coming around the bend and she never really turned right for the bend and then realized it at the last minute she wasn't turning and was going to hit the guardrail," said Matt Langguth, Cedar Rapids. "She over corrected it and just shot herself directly into the police vehicle."

When Langguth and his girlfriend Chelsey Merchant saw the crash they jumped in to help.

"I got there and I tried kicking out the back window and I couldn't get it to break, so I had a police officer come over and break out the back window," said Langguth. "I climbed in the back seat and seen both parties were deceased."

A police officer telling KWWL the two officers that were injured in the crash were responding to another accident when they were hit from behind.

"The maroon car was flipped over on its passengers side upside down and it was totaled," said Langguth. "The police SUV was turned sideways and the whole back end was smashed in."

Langguth says he checked on the police officers who seemed okay and then he checked on the two victims.

"It was really hectic at first," said Langguth. "We were trying to get everything under control and figure out what just happened and figure out if everyone was okay or not. Then I found the bodies and I got out of the car and told the officers that they were both gone."

Both Langguth and his girlfriend say the scene was horrific.

"You don't really respect life until you witness something like this happening right in front of your eyes," said Chelsey Merchant, Cedar Rapids.

The police officers involved in the crash were treated for non-life threatening injures. The cause of the crash remains under investigation.

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