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Firefighter home and safe after being rushed to hospital

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A Prairieburg firefighter, who was taken to the hospital after a Central City fire Thursday, is okay.

Initially, the firefighter was was taken to the hospital for possible life-threatening injuries, however, he was let out later in the day and was back with his family Thursday evening. 

The Central City Fire Chief tells KWWL the firefighter pushed himself too hard and was taken to the hospital after fighting the fire for a few hours.

The image standing out in everyone's memory are the orange fire bombs.

"The concussion from the explosion blows you to ground," said Mark Powell, Central City firefighter.

Powell says he was thrown to the ground two times, saying the oil drums caused the explosions.

"They used it to store 55 gallon oil drums," said Powell. "As the oil heats up and expands with all the flames around it, it's gotta go somewhere and that's where it goes, up in the air."

Friday, the barrels sit charred in the rubble.

One firefighter says when he walked up to the blaze he was immediately soaked by oil. Powell says a day later, his suit is still wet.

Many firefighters worked hard all day on Thanksgiving, sending one Prairieburg firefighter to the hospital.

"He over-exerted himself, when you show up at a fire, I don't care who you are as a firefighter you do your job," said James O'leary, Central City Fire Chief.  "Sometimes you work a little harder, spend a little more time doing it and forget about the consequences later and that's what he did...we all do it."

On the day of the fire, Powell says they were lucky twelve fire departments were able to respond.

"Luckily we had enough departments around that still had guys around because it could have been a different story if they had been out of town," said Powell.

Friday, one day after the fire, firefighters are still working to  prevent the fire from spreading.

Firefighters say they all could have easily over exerted themselves. They also say they may never know the cause of the fire.

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