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ATM scams in the Cedar Valley

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Police in the Cedar Valley investigating several cases of ATM fraud.

Cedar Falls Police released a photo of a man they say placed a device called a skimmer on an area bank and stole hundreds using people's bank account information.

Credit card scams, ATM skimmers, fraud; It is something we hear about often in the national media, but now it is right here in the Cedar Valley.

"This is the first time we have ever worked a case in Cedar Falls that I know of and there is possibly more victims out there. You may want to check your accounts and see if you are missing money. If you are, you might want to report that to the Cedar Falls Police Department. I know Waterloo Police are also working a case," said Cedar Falls Police Captain Mike Hayes.

The Cedar Falls case happened at the Farmers State Bank on Main Street, but it can happen anywhere anytime.

A skimmer, the device that collects your account information for thieves fits over the top of the card slot of an ATM

They are hard to spot, but if you look closely there are small signs.

"So what people want to look for is it may be off kilter or it may just not look right," said Captain Hayes.

In one photo, the yellow skimmer is covering up part of the arrow; a small sign it has been added to the ATM.

Another way to keep your money safe during the holiday shopping season is, "Opening up a second checking account or spending account. That way if anything is ever compromised with their card or they are out shopping and they loose their card, they don't have to change anything on their accounts that they have their bills or direct deposit coming out of," said local bank manager Margaret Lenderman.

Lenderman also suggests avoiding using texts during the holidays because it has all your personal information in one place.

Banks say they see increased fraud during the holiday season.

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