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Effects of officer involved shootings

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Area law enforcement officers and their families getting a look at what happens to an officer after a shooting and how it affects their lives.

The Waterloo Police Protective Association, Cedar Falls Police Protective Association and the Black Hawk county Law Enforcement Association brought in Georgia Police Officer and documentary film maker Patrick Shaver to speak on the topic.

Shaver recently finished a three-year documentary project named "Officer Involved," focusing on the aftermath of an officer involved shooting for the officer and their family.

 "Officer Involved" documentary interviewed officer from St. Louis: "I was kind of angry with him for forcing me to do something like that. I didn't want to do it."

"Officer Involved" documentary interviewed officer from Atlanta: "I remember I walked down away from the house and I let out a scream. I believe that is the time that I said, '63' into the radio."

"The shooting is the very first step in a long process that is going to take months, years, sometimes a lifetime to deal with the aftermath. Whether the officer was right or wrong in his or her decision, there is still going to be an aftermath," said Shaver.

In national cases like what happened in Ferguson, Missouri and the ones closer to home like the recent Cedar Rapids officer involved shooting, many times the victim and their families pain and suffering is the focus.

But behind closed doors the officer is wrestling with the impact of having to pull the trigger.

"We train so much for how to deal with what leads up to the shooting, but we really don't have a lot of training to deal with the aftermath," said Waterloo Police Investigator Dave McFarland.

"Officer Involved" documentary interviewed officer from Gresham, Oregon: "But all I remember is walking up to him afterward and thinking, 'I am glad I got you. It was either me or you and I am glad it is you.' . . . You can tell, it is 25 years later and I am still emotional about it. It still bothers me."

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