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Man backs car into apartment, drives away

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A car rammed into an apartment building, then drove away. The woman inside was only feet away from getting hit.

The crashed happened along Prospect Avenue in Waterloo on Saturday night.

Officers say the driver of the car drove away after hitting the building, only to park the car four houses down the street.

"I sat down in the chair and I heard this big sound," said Vergie Hechavarria. "Then I had half of a car sitting in my living room." 

The driver Rivers Calhoun admitted to backing into her home.

"I take full responsibility for it," said Calhoun.  "I got in the drivers side, I put the car in gear and the next thing I know, I passed out and looked back and I had hit these folk's house."

Seconds after backing into the home, he quickly pulled out of the driveway. 

"When I hollered 'oh my God', the person didn't check to see if I was under the car, under the wheels or anything," said Hechavarria. "They proceeded to put it in gear and drive out."

Hechavarria says she usually sits at the end of her love seat in her living room. She says, if she was sitting in her usual spot, she would have been hit.

"I sat down and I knew it wasn't the chair breaking when I heard the crash," she said. "I sat down and just heard a big boom and then I saw a car sitting there."

Monday, the home is still shaken up and so is Hechavarria.

"I mean physically I am okay, but mentally I am kind of traumatized by the whole ordeal," she said.

Calhoun has been charged with Operating Under the Influence, though he tells KWWL he was not drinking, the police reported the smell of alcohol on his breath.

For now, Hechavarria is staying in a hotel. She says, even when she gets a new place, she will be afraid that something else will come through the front window.

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