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Independence restaurant owner uncertain about future under Trump administration

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As President-elect Donald Trump transitions into office, many are wondering what reforms the country will soon see under his presidency. Immigration is one policy Trump has been vocal about, which has many concerned including Independence restaurant owner Miguel Hernandez-Picano who is here illegally. 

In June, Del Rio restaurant owner Miguel Hernandez-Picano was detained by immigration officials. But after the Independence community rallied behind him, he was released until his next hearing in 2020. 

Picano is a stable in the Independence community, which is why the community has been rallying behind him to keep him from getting deported. 

"Under my administration, anyone who illegally crosses the border will be detained until they are removed out of our country and back to the country from where they came," said President-elect Donald Trump. 

This is just one of a slew of immigration reforms planned under the Trump administration. Trump has been vocal about changes that could impact people here illegally like Picano.

"You go to sleep one day and the next immigration agents, they're waiting, across the street from your house waiting for you to get out to arrest you," said Picano. "You're like what happened, I have kids, I have a family."

Picano is facing deportation. His attorney says he has a long road ahead, because his next hearing isn't until the year 2020. 

"One day I come into work with all my energy, yeah I'm gonna do my best," said Picano.  "And the next day, I just come in and feel like why am I doing this? Because I don't even know if tomorrow I'm going to be here. So it's very very hard to stay in this situation, but it's nothing we can do."

Picano says there's a lot of uncertainty about what's to come under Trump's presidency.     

"Deporting all these millions of people, again we need to remember all these people, they're active working," said Picano. "I'm one of the examples of people that are working."

For Picano, one thing is for sure, he has an overwhelming community of support.

"I'm going to be in debt my whole life, with this people, they supporting me, and they are supporting me and my family."

Picano's lawyer explained the reason for why he has to wait so long until his next hearing is because immigration courts are backlogged. 

Picano continues to manage his restaurant in Independence until his hearing. 

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