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Tips to prepare your car for winter weather

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Winter weather is knocking on our doors, and it's never too soon to start preparing.  

This time last year, eastern Iowa was covered in snow with over a foot of snow right before Thanksgiving.

 Even though we haven't seen the snow yet, it is coming.    

KWWL got tips from a mechanic about how to keep safe while driving this winter.    

It's important to check under your hood and check your windshield whippers when preparing your car for the dreaded winter weather.

"As a mechanic I made sure I showed my girls and my wife what to do and what to check," said Steven Bailey, mechanic. "It doesn't really take that much, it's mostly common sense."

Steven suggests to go through a mental check list before you drive. 

"Just make sure things are alright before you leave," said Steven. "Make sure your windows are cleared off, make sure you have the snow cleared off the top of your car and make sure you look out for others, other than just looking out for yourself."

Before it snows, it's important to be prepared. Steven says to make sure your tires are full of air and have plenty of tread.

"If it's bald than you are going to slip and slide in the snow and on the ice, you have to have tread," said Steven.

Also checking the things under the hood like the battery and fluids is important.

"You want to make sure your antifreeze is good," said Steven. "You do not want your car to freeze up in the winter time and get stuck on the side of the road."

Just in case you get stuck, "always have a set of jumper cables and always make sure you have at least a pair of gloves and a blanket because if you get stuck on the side of the road and your car doesn't run, you have to stay warm," said Steven.

One of Steven's biggest tips is to always check your surroundings and if you feel unsafe don't go on the roads.

"Just because the road looks wet it may be black ice and you don't want to get stuck on black ice because you will spin around and you will go off the road," said Steven.

Steven also says if you do get stuck, placing kitty litter or cardboard under your tires can help get you out.

He suggests people should always use these tips and check their cars, not just in the winter time.

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