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Statue in Waterloo Cemetery in disrepair and under question

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Among the traditional headstones in the Waterloo Cemetery stands a cement statue of an angel and woman praying over other two women.

Put in place three decades ago, it is now long forgotten by family.

"It is unique, there is no question about that. It is a unique type of structure," said Waterloo Cemetery Board President Evan Hultman.

 The statue is part of the memorial to De Leon and Rose Munn. Mr. Munn put the statue up in memory of his wife who died 36 years ago. Even buying extra plots to put the statue in.

 He died in 1996.

The lack of upkeep and complaints from families of those buried near the statue have left the volunteer board of the non-profit cemetery, "between a rock and a hard place because the maintenance for decorations and things like this statue are usually left on the family to help maintain the appearance of the cemetery," said the Waterloo Cemetery Attorney Mike Young.

But for several years, the board hasn't been able to track down any family.

"We have to, as a board, look out for all the cemetery, all the grave sites and all of the appearances. Not just one in the process. When we take a look at this, one of the many facets is the cost of a replacement. We haven't been able to find any member of that family or anyone to date who is willing to meet the cost," said Hultman.

Young says estimates for the repair of the statue are more than $25,000; much more than the non-profit can afford. 

If they do end up removing it,  the headstone and other decorative items would remain.

The board hopes this reaches a family member or someone who is willing to help repair the statue.

They are going to make a decision on the statue in the spring.   

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