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Local family fighting for pancreatic cancer awareness

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One local family is working to bring awareness to one type of cancer after their loved one loses a battle to it.

Michael Oglesby, 52, was born and raised in Dubuque.

He was diagnosed last November with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, and died just two months later.

"It's shock, it's painful, there's still a lot of tears," Tom Oglesby, Mike's brother, said.

The shock was even worse because it was a cancer they knew nothing about.

"Well we were optimistic at first because we thought there must be some sort of a treatment, and we quickly found out that at stage four, it's pretty much a death sentence," he said.

The American Cancer Society says more than 53,000 people will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2016.  Of those, nearly 42,000 will die.

But rather than wallow in their pain, the Oglesby's started a foundation in Mike's name, to help raise awareness and money for their cause.

"What we're fighting for is early detection, to give people a fighting chance. That's part of the reason the foundation was formed, so that there can be education among families, among the medical community," Tom said.

And in this work, Tom says the family has found some healing.

"The foundation, and the work brings us together in his memory, and that's helpful. It doesn't replace him, but it helps to understand why we're a family, and that our family might be able to help others in the same way, because I'm sure our family is not the only family feeling this type of loss," he said.

To learn more about the foundation or to donate, visit http://mwof.org/.

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