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Iowa State Patrol: "Don't veer for deer"

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This is the time of year when more deer are seen crossing Iowa roads.

And when you see one, not swerving to avoid it could save your life.

Instead, the Iowa State Patrol says you should keep these things in mind; "Don't veer for the deer, apply your breaks firmly, steer through the collision, and then safely get yourself off the highway, either driving onto the median, or clear to the side on the left," said Trooper Steve Dudak.

Your natural instinct will be to swerve, but Dudak says you should fight that urge.

"Anytime you veer from something like that, you lose the ability or the happenstance to actually lose control of your vehicle, thus the outcome could be much worse," he said.

Deer tend to be on the roads more during dawn and dusk as they're looking for food.

There are also physical indicators that show you where a deer sighting might be more likely.

"You want to pay attention to the indicators of either woods, or timber near the highway, waterways near the highway, or fields where deer may be traveling," he said.

Dudak also says it's important to follow that advice if you're in the city, where swerving could cause a much larger accident.

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