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Farm vehicles persist even as harvest winds down

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Nearly 95 percent of Iowa's corn crop for grain has been harvested, according to Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey.

Even though the harvest is winding down, there's still no shortage of farm vehicles on the road.

"As harvest is winding down, there's still a lot of trucks on the road moving grain. We had a record corn crop, a record bean crop. Guys are still trying to move things to the river, to the ethanol plant, or wherever may be, the processing plant. There's still just a lot of activity," said Bob Hemesath, who has been farming for nearly 30 years.

One driver in Fayette County is lucky to walk away with no injuries after a collision with a tractor Thursday night.

And one driver was taken to the hospital after they collided with a pickup truck hauling an anhydrous ammonia tank, causing a leak.

"We're all in a hurry. We, as farmers, try to keep our equipment lit up, our warning lights, slow moving vehicle signs, all that. But drivers need to be aware, need to give us room, and need to slow down," Hemesath said.

He says he was nearly in an accident himself on Monday morning--something he's always on the lookout for.

"I'm always driving defensively. I'm always looking for what might be coming. Whether it's a narrow road and making sure there's room for everyone to get by. Or even just situations like i had this morning, where I saw it developing, where there was a farm vehicle from the other way, and the guy was in a hurry to pass, and he didn't really see me. Luckily I saw him and got out of the way," he said.

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