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Senator Ernst reacts to political climate

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Two days after the election, Senator Joni Ernst says she's elated over the outcome, and she's excited to get back to work.

Senator Ernst spoke during the 2016 Caregiver Wellness Day in Cedar Rapids.

KWWL asked how her role might change under President-elect Trump and her reaction to the current political climate.

Across the nation and closer to home, people young and old are protesting the 2016 Presidential Election.

Senator Joni Ernst says, "It is very unfortunate. Everybody has a right to protest, but I don't believe it is helpful. I think we need to find ways to unify our country rather than try and divide."

The Senator says she's confident President-elect Trump will be a good Commander and Chief.

"I think he intends to do everything he has outlined on the campaign trail. but I do believe he is a very reasonable man. I think he will extend his thoughts and best wishes to any group as they come forward," Senator Ernst said.

She assured everyone Congress works together on many issues, regardless of party affiliation.

"The Credit for Caring Act I spoke to these folks about is an example of something we can do in a bi-partisan manner that means a lot to the people here in Iowa," Senator Ernst said.

The Credit for Caring Act is a bill Republican Senator Joni Ernst and Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren are working on together, and it's aimed to provide $3,000 in tax credits who care for family or other people who cannot take care of themselves, in their own homes.

KWWL asked whether President-elect Trump reached out to her for a position with his staff.

Senator Ernst responded, "Not to me personally, no, and I have tried to tap any of that down. I am serving as the United States Senator, and I love what I do. That's what I emphasized to Mr. Trump during the campaign. I hope to be a great advocate for him in the United States Senate."

Senator Ernst says she has no regrets turning down the opportunity to run as President-elect Trump's running mate.

She said she loves what she does and who she serves.

Senator Ernst said she hopes the next Secretary of Agriculture is from Iowa.

If not Iowa, the senator says she hopes the next Secretary of Agriculture is from the Midwest.

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