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Linn County voters want just 3 on Board of Supervisors

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Linn County voters have spoken and they want just three Board of Supervisor members instead of their current five.

Right now the county is divided into five districts with a supervisor to represent each one.

The decision to move to three supervisors was up to the voters and more than 50,000 of them said yes.

Supervisor Ben Rogers says moving to just three members could result in all three of them coming from Cedar Rapids as opposed to being fanned out across the county.

"You'll have Cedar Rapids centered board and people who live out in the rural areas, they've lost their voice, they've lost their representation," Rogers says.

Rogers was re-elected on Tuesday along with Supervisor Brent Oleson, they will each serve two more years before it's up to voters who will fill the three supervisor spots.

"We could all be running against each other for three seats plus whoever in the community decides to run," Rogers told us.

Rogers says voters may have chosen to reduce the board because of salaries, all five members currently make more than $100,000 a year.

"I think that there's still a lot of bad taste in people's mouths about our salaries and so for some they may see that this is a way to reduce two employees but really what their losing overall is representation," Rogers says.

He tells us the concern is for the people outside of the city.

"Now we are gonna go back to three urban supervisors and I think the community is not going to be served well by that," Rogers told us.

Stacey Walker was elected to replace Supervisor Amy Johnson, he will be sworn in on Tuesday, all other members will stay until the next election and then can try for one of the three seats in 2019.

It's unclear at this point if the three spots will somehow split into districts or if they will go back to serving the county at large.

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