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Students hold mock election the day before actual election

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Students at Prairie High School in Cedar Rapids are participating in a mock election today.

Many of the students voting are not old enough to vote in the real election this time around, but they are learning the ropes early.

For the mock election, voting is done online and students are unable to vote twice.

"You learn a lot about like the voting process and what you're going to need to do when you can actually vote," says Jack Freel, a PHS Senior.

Students are learning early the importance of voting and they are voting on everything from president to local offices.

"It's teaching kids that you know this is your voice, this is your profound voice in our government and you need to utilize that absolutely," says Maddie Zastrow, a PHS Senior.

Word of the election is spread through posters and announcements, with a goal to have 80% voter turnout.

"Our teacher was like in 2008 we had a 90% voter turnout and I was like that's not gonna happen and then we get to today and it's like the buzz of the school like people are kind of excited about it," Zastrow told us.

As for the  results of the election, students will have to wait on those.

Senior government students conducted the election which was open to students in 10th-12th grades.

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