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Kids perspective on the 2016 elections

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A kid's perspective.

The general election is a day away, and there's been a lot of talk about what voters think about this year's candidates.

We decided to take a closer look at how this is impacting kids.

Some middle schoolers at Hoover Middle School say the election is a big topic brought up in some of their classes.

They're doing mock elections, debates, and even watching news clips.

A big word some of the students are using is bullying.

They tell me they don't like how the two candidates are treating each other. 

Many saying they wish the two candidates talked more about their own policies and what they would do if elected president. 

"This election is different from the other ones," one eighth grader said. 

"I think there's some bullying going on," another said. 

"What if you become president and you don't know what you're doing because you spent so much time attacking the other person for the longest," one boy worries. 

A middle school student in Jesup was so frustrated with the elections, she decided to write a letter to one of the candidates. 

She didn't send it, but said it was a way to express her thoughts.

She questioned why Trump and Clinton were being so rude.

Some of the students said they weren't sure who they would vote for if they were old enough.

One even said if she had to choose, she'd vote for the Cubs. 

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