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Cedar Falls evidence building burns

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A Cedar Falls building is destroyed by a fire Sunday afternoon.

Billowing smoke made it difficult to see firefighters battle the fire.

Thick smoke took over much of the Cedar Falls sky. People in the area were worried when they saw the smoke.

"When you see that much smoke that close to home, you're gonna check it out," said Don Petersen.

Authorities confirm a city building used for storage caught fire before 11 Sunday morning. Witnesses say they believe it's used to keep confiscated property. 

Cedar Falls Police say lost bicycles are stored in the shed, along with a trailer full of police equipment and larger objects used as evidence, such as cars. Cedar Falls Police say nothing inside the building can be salvage. 

"You couldn't see much, except smoke," said Petersen. "It had the sun completely blocked out."

People in the area say they rushed to the scene because of all the smoke they saw in the air. Saying they were nervous that Viking Pump may have caught fire or even the apartment buildings in downtown Cedar Falls.

"My first thought was that it was Viking Pump, which is adjacent to these buildings, fortunately it wasn't viking pump," said Petersen.

People who saw the smoke were concerned for friends who live in the downtown apartments and immediately responded to see if any other buildings were affected.

Fortunately for firefighters, the fire started in the storage building and never spread.

"It could have caused some other problems downtown," said Petersen. "In my years I've seen many bad fires downtown, we don't need another one."

Cedar falls Police say nobody was hurt and the cause remains under investigation. People from the State Fire Marshal's Office are coming in to investigate the cause of the fire.

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