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Grandparents outsmart a scam

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An eastern Iowa grandmother was nearly scammed into sending bail money to her "grandson" after a phone call Thursday morning.

The Anderson's are really involved in their seven grandchildren's lives. They thought they knew everything about them, until they received a mysterious phone call from one grandson, from jail.

Joann Anderson answered her home phone after 9 a.m. Thursday. The person on the other end said, "Hi grandma this is your grandson."

The caller went on to explain why he called, "I sound funny because I was in an accident and I broke my nose and I have stitches in my upper lip," explained Joann.

Joann listened as her "grandson" told her he was in the Dominican Republic for a wedding. He said he was arrested for drinking and driving.

"Then he says 'I need money to get out of jail' and I said 'oh I am so sorry honey, but we can't help you'," said Joann.

Harold Anderson, Joann's husband then got on the phone saying, "'We don't have any extra money, we struggle for payments every month', and then he hung up."

Joann says she listened to the man at first, "At first I was saying 'oh I am so sorry honey and you know I feel bad that that happened but', then I listened to the rest of his story and it didn't make sense."

She says her grandson would never call her for money, she knew then it was a scam.

"How do they find out? How do they know to call that number and say 'hi grandma' how would you know she's not twenty five?" questioned Harold.

Fortunately after about ten minutes the conversation ended and the Anderson's didn't send the mysterious bail money.

"As soon as he found out we weren't gonna send money he hung up," said Joann.

The Anderson's say their grandson Zachary lives in Pennsylvania and works as a cancer researcher and they are hopeful people learn from their experience.

The grandparents say they called the Butler County Sheriff's Officer and they told the couple this is not the first report of scams like this.

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