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Dubuque man found guilty of murdering girlfriend

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UPDATE:  Eddie Hicks was found guilty of murder in the stabbing death of his girlfriend.  

Iowa District Court Judge Thomas Bitter handed down the decision Friday afternoon.

Hicks had chosen a non-jury trial, leaving the decision up to Bitter.

"The defendant is guilty of murder in the first degree," Bitter read Friday afternoon.

He rejected Hicks' two main defense claims, which were self-defense and intoxication.

Bitter said the State proved Hicks' actions were more than just a heat of the moment decision.

"Just three weeks before this incident, the defendant made a comment about smashing Kahdyesha's head like a pancake, and killing her. He clearly had control of the frying pan that was used to knock her teeth out.  He clearly had control of the knife that was used to stab her repeatedly," Bitter said.

He also rejected the intoxication claim.

"The force used by the defendant was significantly unreasonable under the circumstances. No drug or intoxicant left the defendant incapable of forming the specific intent."

First degree murder automatically comes with the sentence of life without the possibility of parole.

Hicks will have the chance to appeal the decision if he wants.

His sentencing for first degree murder is set for January 23.


Court documents filed this week shed new light on the killing of a Dubuque woman in June, 2015.

Those documents allege Eddie Hicks stabbed his girlfriend 115 times on the day he's accused of killing her.

According to those documents, Hicks told police she was cheating on him, and "he loved her too much."

Hicks, who was suffering from stab wounds himself, told police at the hospital that he stabbed himself, according to the documents.

He told police the fight started when she saw him looking on Facebook, and then allegedly hit him in the head with a pot.  According to the documents, Hicks grabbed the pot, and hit her back, causing two of her teeth to fall out, which police found at the scene.

He also told police that she had tried to stab him, and he took the knife and stabbed her back, according to the documents.

Police say after he stabbed her, he ran outside and yelled "she set me up," and then ran to an upstairs neighbor, and demanded alcohol while threatening to kill them if they didn't give it to him.

According to court documents, Hicks is claiming self-defense, because his girlfriend allegedly hit him first.

He's also claiming the defense of diminished responsibility, because according to the documents, Hicks claims he was under the influence of PCP and thus, he had a mental disability which made him incapable of forming the specific intent to commit murder in the first degree.

The documents also show he's claiming temporary insanity, because of his PCP use.

But the same documents show Hicks told police at the hospital that he wasn't drunk, nor was he using drugs at the time he stabbed her.

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