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Poll watching and SPOILED BALLOTS explained

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A contentious 2016 presidential race has some voters on edge, and others seem disinterested in current candidates.

Polling locations across the United States are reporting a low voter turnout for people casting their ballots absentee so far, but that might not be the case come election day.

Black Hawk County Auditor, Grant Veeder, confirms they are not anticipating any additional security at polling locations due to recent concerns of a rigged election.

Veeder says, "having police at a polling place could be intimidating to some voters."

Veeder says election officials are trained to call 911 if anyone disrupts polling places or threatens voters.

During a recent stop in Colorado, Presidential Candidate Donald Trump told voters they could request a second absentee ballot if they already mailed their ballot and later changed their minds.

Even though some states allow voters to request a second or even third ballot after they mailed their absentee ballot, that is not the case for Iowa.

In fact, a Polk County woman was charged with voter fraud in October for voting twice, because she was concerned her vote would be counted for the opposing candidate.

Iowa law does not allow a replacement of a voted absentee ballot, unless the voter returned it and marked it "SPOILED BALLOT."

According to Iowa Code Section 53.21(3)(b), “An absentee ballot returned to the commissioner without a designation that the ballot was spoiled shall not be replaced.”

As for poll monitors, major political parties are allowed to have three poll watchers per precinct in Black Hawk County, and they must have letters of accreditation from their respective parties.

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